Dim Mak Seminar Info: Eli's Dim Mak Death Touch
Workshop 2008 - Malta (Europe)

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Dim Mak Workshop 2008

Eli son of Erle Montaigue Dim-Mak Workshop 2008

Venue: Workshop will take place in Malta (Europe) @ the Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu Malta Dojo, 67 Triq il-Ballut, Mosta - click here to view the map to the Dim Mak Seminar venue.

Date: Weekend Dim Mak Workshop - 26th and 27th April.

Your Investment: Best Investment you can make if you are serious about Martial Arts! With an investment of €75 you will gain knowledge in Dim Mak, something that very very few people know how it actually works and how to apply. :)

What you will learn: We welcome your suggestions - we want this workshop to be YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Invest in WHAT YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO LEARN.
So PLEASE    PLEASE    PLEASE, send us your personal suggestions through our contact form - Contact Hung Gar Kung Fu Malta we really appreciate your suggestions!

What we GUARANTEE YOU: We can guarantee that you will learn a lot from this seminar / workshop. Many martial artists, even those who consider themselves experts, do not know how the human body actually work. Let me give you a brief example - many are those who know where pressure points are but few are those who really know the consequences of hitting a particular point. This could be very dangerous. In this workshop we will do our best to answer all your questions and fill those important gaps in knowledge.

What we can OFFER YOU:

  • Self Defence

    Self-defence is something everyone should learn, as it's something that could one day save your life! With the internal martial arts, self-defence is learnt as it should be, not for a sport to use in competition, but as a means to protect yourself and others from harm. The training you will get from an internal art such as Taijiquan (Tai Chi) or Baguazhang(Bagua), will teach you methods that work in the street, where there are no rules, and no getting ready, and you must react in an instant to what is happening to you.
    • - Knife Fighting
      - Police Enforcement Techniques
      - Defend Yourself Against Grapplers
      - Defend Yourself Against Larger Opponents
      - Defend Yourself Against Multiple Attackers
  • Internal Martial Arts

    • Tai Chi Chuan
      Taiji (Tai Chi) is a shortened way of saying Taijiquan, which means Supreme Ultimate Fist.
      Most peopleís idea of Taiji is the all slow moving healing forms, and although it is one of the most amazing healing arts, what a lot of people donít know is that itís also one of the most deadly and effective martial arts ever invented. Taiji should never be separated into just the slow healing side or the fast explosive martial side, to do so you are not practicing real Taiji, you must always have an even balance of Yin and Yang energy in your body, by practicing only the slow soft movements you bring to much Yin energy into your body, and by practicing only the fast martial side you bring to much Yang energy in to your body, and without a perfectly balanced mind and body, you can never become a great healer or martial artist, this is why we train in both sides of the art, you can never truly master one without the other. On the healing side, Taiji is not just a bunch of slow movements stuck together for a nice relaxing exercise, all the movements were put together by the genius masters of old in a precise order to replicate the natural energy flow of ones body during a 24 hour period.
      Ba Gua
      Baguazhang, is said to be the sister of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, the mother of the three 'internal systems'. It is one of the newest Chinese healing/martial arts of the internal system and contains the very best of the Shaolin Martial arts as well as the very best of the Buddhism or Taoism fighting arts. Bagua is said to have the fastest footwork of any martial art.
      Baguazhang (Bagua) Eight Diagram Palm, is a unique internal Martial Art, which is the epitome of Taoist philosophy based on the I-Jing (The Chinese Book of Changes) In practicing Bagua, we not only gain a great self-defence art, but also heal the body and mind of any defects manifested as a result of bad living habits over a number of years. Bagua is known as ďthe art of over killĒ It earned this name because of itís brutal and never-ending attacking methods which make use of the very deadly Dim-Mak points on the human body.
      Chi Kung / Qi Gong
      The word QIGONG or Ch'i KUNG literally means 'internal work'. These are breathing exercises which siut anyone, young and old. We cannot have a strong body if our lungs for instance are weak. For those considering to live healthy I can say it's a must that you practice your internal body. For those martial artists who want to strengthen their kicks and punches chi kung is the exercise to help you generate energy internal energy to break through things with a minimal effort.
  • Healing

    Martial Arts is not about fighting, it is about defending one's self. However, this does not mean that you will never be hit if you practice self defence. Knowing how to medicate injuries is something that any martial artist should learn. This could save your own life or the life of others.

  • Dim Mak - Death Point Striking

    Ever heard that a football player stopped a ball with his chest and died on the spot? Do you think this is just a coincidence or that it is related to drugs misuse? For more about Dim Mak see Dim Mak page

  • Nutrition Guidelines for a Healthier Lifestyle as a Martial Artist

  • What is Dim Mak?
    Who is Eli Montaigue?
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    Dim Mak Workshop 2008