Eli Montaigue Dim Mak Workshop 2008 in Malta

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Dim Mak Workshop 2008

Dear Martial Arts lovers,

For the first time Eli Montaigue is visiting Malta this year for a Dim Mak workshop. The name Eli Montaigue may be familiar with some of you, but you may better know his dad - Erle Montaigue - a man expert in "Dim Mak" which literally means "The Death Touch" and is the author of many books. For those who may have never heard of Eli Montaigue or his family, you may wish to watch some video clips on this page or read some great Martial Arts / Self Defence articles or Healing Articles written by Erle Montaigue. At the bottom of this page you will find a form which you may wish to fill in and submit so that we can contact you with the latest news of Eli Montaigue Dim Mak Workshop 2008 in Malta. Kindly note that the more the merrier, however, places are limited! So hurry up and contact us if you have any questions before booking.




Do you:

  • Have a Great Interest in Self Defence, knife fighting, Internal Martial Arts, Dim Mak, Tai Chi, Ba Gua
  • Have an Open Mind - ever heard about emptying the cup from all thoughts before learning something new?
  • Want to Learn More about the human body - YES your hands can heal?
  • Want to Learn how to manage big guys?
  • Want to Learn how to defend yourself from grapplers?
  • Want to learn more about nutrition or would like to learn more about a healthy living lifestyle and a good diet?
  • Want to learn about breathing exercise - Qi Gong / Chi Kung?
  • and much much more....

then Eli Montaigue's Dim Mak Workshop 2008 is what you are looking for.

Now have a look at some of the dim mak video clips below...

MTG55 Dim-Mak: Knock Out Points For Law Enforcement


MTG77: Fighting Against A Grappler: Erle Montaigue


For more video clips follow this link - Erle Montaigue / Eli Montaigue Dim Mak videos

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What is Dim Mak?
Who is Eli Montaigue?
Free Downloads
Dim Mak Workshop 2008